Why We Don’t Accept Orders from Doordash

In short, they stiffed us. They called to place an order and then didn’t send anyone to pick it up. They did not answer the number they used to place the order (650-681-9470) when we tried to follow up and we did not get paid. The food was wasted. So, just like we would with any other customer, if you call us and place an order and then don’t pick it up, we don’t accept call-ahead orders again. You only get to stiff us once.

Now….let me tell you more.

We were suddenly getting Doordash orders and were a little puzzled that several a day were coming in when we had not seen any Doordash advertising in the marketplace.

Then we found it.

Doordash hijacked our Google listing. We are trying to get it fixed with Google, but they don’t make it easy. It’s more like a dog-with-a-bone, make-it-my-life’s-work project. Thanks to a brother who’s a computer genius, at least now it lists our online ordering and Doordash, instead of just Doordash. It’s just underhanded to hijack our listing and you can only imagine how aggravated I am. In my opinion, we’re not getting Doordash orders because someone goes to Doordash and searches for pizza–that might actually mean we’d be getting a new customer. We’re getting orders from Doordash because customers search for us on Google and then click on Doordash because Google allowed it to be the only online ordering option. In my op Doordash isn’t building their business and gaining customers by advertising their service to the marketplace and competing, they’re using local restaurants’ reputations to swipe orders.

You don’t need Doordash. We have online ordering and we deliver. Click here to go straight to our online ordering, not through a middleman like Doordash. I have no idea what Doordash charges for delivery or service fees, or if they offer the best deals, or if their service is good. I do know that on our online ordering, you’ll get the best daily deals and no additional service fees. Our delivery fee is $2.50 (and a tip for the driver). And, you’ll get our happiness guarantee.

Doordash online orders are not submitted online to us. When you place an order via Doordash, or any other third-party delivery service, the order does not get submitted to us online or electronically or digitally. It’s an old-fashioned phone call. A Doordash call-center rep picks up the phone and calls the order in to us– something you can do, too–we’re really friendly and we don’t charge a dime for talking to us. As you can imagine, the Doordash non-system is ripe for error. When you place an order online with our online ordering, the order comes straight to us.

Our happiness guarantee does not extend to orders placed through third-party delivery services. And here’s why. When you place an order with a third-party delivery service, we have no idea if they turn around and place the order accurately with us, if they have charged you our menu pricing and given you the best deal, if the driver checks for accuracy before leaving the store, how long they wait to pick it up after we make it, or how long it is driven around before it makes it to your door. We are happy to guarantee the quality of our food, but we will not guarantee services offered by a third-party vendor with which we have no relationship.

Our delivery is the best. Our delivery drivers are our employees, currently making at least $9.15 an hour, plus tips. They are covered by our business insurances and workers compensation. They are treated with respect as employees and are responsible to us for their customer service. They are part of our team.

So, if you’re seeing Doordash as an option in a Google search restaurant listing, it may not mean that Doordash is an authorized representative of that company. For us, we have no contract or agreement with Doordash. In fact, when contacted earlier this year, we declined to be associated with Doordash. They were never authorized to publish our copyrighted menu. There was no misunderstanding.

We hope you’ll order delivery from us. Instead of using Doordash or another third-party vendor, you can call us at 937-431-8669 or click here to place an order online. You’ll get your favorite New York Style pizza delivered hot and fresh by the best team in pizza. 🙂 We guarantee it.

Just a note: This is my opinion and a truthful telling of the story of our experiences with DoorDash as I recall them. Your experience, and the experiences of other restaurants may be similar, or different. For more than my opinion, you’ll need to dig further or contact DoorDash or other restaurants.
On Monday, April 9, I was able to get Google to remove DoorDash from our online listing. Doordash refused to do it. As of April 10, we are still unable to get Bing to correct our listing in their search results. If you click the order online button, it takes you to Doordash–and straight to our competitors. Infuriating. We are unable to get DoorDash to pay for orders placed from their call center which were not picked up. DoorDash stiffed us.