Pizza Happiness Guarantee

We Deliver Happiness, Disguised as New York Style Pizza!

It’s our mission to delight you with every bite of your Pizza Dive food and every moment you spend with us. If we fail you with either our food or our service, we hope you’ll let us know and give us an opportunity to make it right.

Simply speak with anyone at the store, either in person or by phone. Every team member is empowered to make it right or put you in touch immediately with someone who can. We’ll listen and do our best to make it right and restore your pizza happiness.

Comments, compliments and complaints are always welcome to, via a Facebook message, or call the store and ask for Teresa.

On a side note, we don’t offer our Happiness Guarantee on orders placed through third party delivery services (more on that here). We have our own online ordering and delivery and curb services and are not associated with any third-party services. We do not have any agreements with any delivery services. That means when you order our pizza from a third party, you may or may not be getting the best prices, you may or may not be getting the daily specials, and you may have additional fees from the third-party–none of which we control. That also means someone from their company is picking up the phone and calling the order in to us–maybe accurately, maybe not. When you place an order through a third party, we just don’t think it’s fair for us to make-good on their mistakes for order accuracy or service issues like slow delivery resulting in cold food or missed promised times. We cannot control if they get the order right or get it to you on time or deliver it in good condition and with a smile. For credits on these orders, you’ll need to contact the third-party delivery service.