Team Pizza Dive Does Good.

Have I told you lately how amazing my staff is? We have such good people working with us it warms my heart and makes me proud to know them.

If you don’t count me and J.R., the majority of our staff is in their twenties, many are going to school, and all our working on building and bettering their lives. They are busy, energetic, creative, and best of all, kind-hearted and good sports.

If you think they’re good at recognizing and filling your needs in the store with over-the-top customer service, you should see them in their off-the-clock lives.

They give back.

Not for the first time, and definitely not the last, they did good. They got up early and volunteered their time at a local elementary school with Shoes 4 the Shoeless, and then went on to work their morning shifts. They were just as enthusiastic loading and unloading the truck as they were helping the children find a brand new pair of shoes. I wish you could have seen how they, and frankly all of the volunteers, were so sweet and patient and generous of spirit with the children. It was simply the best morning. The kind that makes you believe in good in the world and makes you smile just thinking about it.

Before I tell you any more, let me tell you why we love Shoes 4 the Shoeless. First, it’s the people. Every single volunteer is warm and generous and their desire to do good is just contagious–and you know how we love people who do good in the world! On top of that, we love the cause. New shoes for children who need them. As simple as that. If a child needs new shoes, they fill the need. It doesn’t get more generous than helping a child, no questions asked. So if you have time, talent and/or money to put somewhere that it can do good right here in our community, I hope you’ll check out Shoes 4 the Shoeless.

Back to my staff. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being part of our team and doing good in our world. You make us proud.