Thank You Team Pizza Dive!

Thank You

Our amazing team did it again.

J.R.’s oldest daughter went into labor this past weekend and delivered the beautiful Owen. We left town without a care in the world and didn’t look back. And it’s all thanks to our great team. I mean, really, who gets to own a restaurant of all things and not have to be there every single minute that it’s open?

Day in and day out, our team delivers the kind of customer service and delicious food that delights our customers and exceeds our expectations. They rise to every occasion (if you were at the Halloween Party you have an idea of what we can throw at them :)) and make us look good–whether we’re in the building, or the state, or not.

We’re so proud to be the employer of each of these outstanding people and feel blessed to work with them every day.

Thank you Ally, Ashley, Connor, Darrell, Dylan, Hope, Jacob, Jeremiah, Joe, Justin, Kennedy, Nick, and Olivia. You rock.