Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Election 2015

I’m running for a spot on the Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. The election runs from November 3 to November 10, and if you’re a chamber member, I’d appreciate your vote.

As part of the election process, each of the candidates made a brief statement at two Chamber events. The text of my comments follows.

My name is Teresa Geraci and my husband and I own Beavercreek Pizza Dive.

I think I would bring these three strengths to complement the board:

  1. The experience and know-how to grow businesses, both small and large.
  2. Advocate for small business.
  3. Track record of championing Beavercreek local businesses and community organizations.

Let me elaborate just a bit.

  1. GROW BUSINESSES. Our business has increased year to year. More broadly, my life-before-pizza was in sales and marketing, included owning an advertising agency that helped grow B-2-B and retail businesses for more than 20 years.
  2. ADVOCATE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES. We’re a built-by-Beavercreek business. We own the business, we own property, we create jobs and hire locally, and we generate tax revenue. As we frequently say, we have skin in the game. I would be a voice for small businesses on the Board.
  3. CHAMPION BEAVERCREEK. If you know our little pizza store, and I hope you do, you know that we have a track record of reaching out and working with other Beavercreek businesses for cross-promotions and marketing. We’re proud to do good in Beavercreek through fundraisers, community involvement, and direct donations.

As a member of the board, I would hope to contribute these three strengths:


to complement the talents and strengths of the Board.

I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you one-on-one. You can expect that I’ll have stories to tell and ask for your vote.

Thank you.

Beavercreek Chamber members received an email on Tuesday with instructions on how to vote online (email me at for a copy). You can also vote in person at the Chamber offices.

I’d appreciate your vote. Thank you,
Teresa Geraci