Big Halloween Party Thank Yous

The Halloween Party was fun and busy and reminded us once again of how grateful we are to so many truly amazing people and this wonderful community.

Our staff is just the best. We are proud and thankful for our staff every single day, but on days when we’re extra busy, we’re also over-the-top impressed. If you know us, you know that nurturing our employees is our top priority. We believe that happy employees are simply all-around better–better for us, better for each other, and better for our customers. And when we send them out into the world for their life-after-pizza, we want them to feel like their lives are just a little better for having worked for us, with us, and with each other. At our Halloween Party they once again rose to the occasion with a combination of grace, enthusiasm, and tremendous energy. Thank you Beavercreek Pizza Dive Staff.

Thank for Beavercreek for supporting our little pizza shop. We’re here to nurture our neighborhood with food and good works and are deeply appreciative when you turn out to support us. We are truly a built-by-Beavercreek business and you’re the reason why. During the Halloween Party, and every other day, you fill our store with nothing but good-sports and kind-hearted people. Last night you made us all feel like part of your families. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

Thank you volunteer servers. We put the call out on Facebook for volunteer celebrity servers–which would free our staff to concentrate on customers during the event. In exchange for an opportunity to live-the-pizza-life one evening, we’d make a donation to Feed the Creek. And you volunteered! How great is that? Thank you Angie Bignell, Joe Hamlin, Zach Kincade, Joe & Jana Natarian, and Nickie Sattler for valiantly serving pizza all night. You were kind and considerate and totally unflappable. You rock.

Thank you Margaret Woodburn for the cupcakes. If you don’t know Margaret, you should figure out a way to get to know her. She’s the kind of person that you want to have in your life. When we mentioned that we’d be doing the Halloween Party, she offered to donate cupcakes. And she did. But first she lovingly decorated each of them for the children. Margaret, you touched our hearts with your generosity. Thank you.

Thank you Deanne Fisher and Sanderson Insurance. Every child at the Halloween Party was greeted at the door by Deanne and given a gift bag. Deanne (and I think she recruited her mother to help) gathered all the goodies from our partners, added some treats, and put it all together–250 times. Thank you Sharon Fulcher for helping with the greetings and representing Feed the Creek. Thank you Deanne for making this look effortless (and let’s do a Meet the Neighbors Week soon–more Beavercreek families would be lucky to get to know you).

Thank you Decoy Art Studio for joining the fun. Decoy Art Studio invited everyone to drop in for free and fun art activities during the Halloween Party. We just love our creative neighbors (and are frequently jealous of all the fun they get to have over there). Thank you Decoy Art Studio for opening your studio and welcoming the children. You’re just the best neighbors ever.

Thank you Carlson Photography. Sandra and her husband set up the most amazing scene and professionally photographed all the children in costume. We’ll have a link to the photos on our Facebook page soon. Thank you Sandra for braving the chilly winds and taking memorable pictures of the children.

Thank you to our Gift Bag Partners. Thank you Sanderson Insurance, Decoy Art Studio, Carlson Photography, Rebecca Shawver with Origami OwlJeri O’Dell with Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Feed the Creek for your contributions to the Halloween Treat Bags. We included a FREE PIZZA certificate. If you haven’t already liked these businesses on Facebook, we hope you’ll pop over and like them today (just click on their names in this paragraph and it will take you to their Facebook pages). Thank you for your generosity. It’s businesses like yours that make Beavercreek great.

Big, big thank yous to everyone who helped and showed up and made last night so fun and memorable for us all. We are grateful.

See you today at The Dive,
Teresa & J.R.