Meet the Neighbors Week Scavenger Hunt

We’re wrapping up Meet the Neighbors Week with a Facebook Scavenger Hunt. Winner gets a Family Meal Deal from Beavercreek Pizza Dive and a Family Haircut Package from True Modern Salon!

The Scavenger Hunt begins at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 24 and we’ll accept entries through 9:00 p.m. We’ll select a random winner from all the complete and correct entries.

Bonus Prize for 1st Correct Entry! The first correct entry (see below on how to submit your entry) gets 2 Passes to the Beavercreek Pizza Dive All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.

All of the answers can be found on our Facebook page and True Modern Salon‘s.  Hint: Sometimes as you scroll down, facebook will default to “Highlights”. To see all the posts, you’ll want to check “All Stories”.

AFTER you complete the Scavenger Hunt, email us at with your entry.

  1. To begin, Go to True Modern Salon‘s and like and follow their page.
  2. On True Modern Salon’s Facebook page, find a photo in their “The Look Book” photo album and leave a compliment in the photo’s comments.
  3. On True Modern Salon’s Facebook page, find a great review and like it.
  4. On True Modern Salon’s Facebook page, post to their page and tell them you loved getting to know them during Meet the Neighbors Week!
  5. Go to our Facebook page and like and follow it (the remainder of the clues are played on the Beavercreek Pizza Dive Facebook page).
  6. Go to our Halloween Party Event Page and RSVP (going, maybe, or no).
  7. Find a post about our Awesome Staff Doing Good and leave them a comment of thanks and encouragement.
  8. Find a post about a Halloween-themed gift from one of our customers and comment with a compliment about how talented she is.
  9. Find a photo with a Chewbacca photo bomb, like it, and leave a funny comment.
  10. Find a post about our Halloween Night Delivery Schedule and leave a “Thanks Beavercreek Pizza Dive, we’ll come and get ours.” comment.
  11. Leave a comment on our Facebook page about the Scavenger Hunt and let us know if you thought it was fun or lame. Fun means we’ll probably do it again. Lame, means maybe or maybe not.
  12. Then, go to our Facebook Group page and ask to join it.
  13. Find the names of the Beavercreek Local businesses who will be at the Beavercreek Pizza Dive Halloween Party and email the names (at least 3) to us with your completed entry to You’re done!

Remember, when you’re finished, email with the answers from #13 and let us know you’ve completed the hunt.

Every correct entry will be eligible to win a Family Meal Deal from Beavercreek Pizza Dive and a Family Haircut & Style Package from True Modern (that’s 2 adult and 2 kids haircuts and styles)! We’ll select a random entry from all the complete and correct responses just after 9:00 p.m. on Saturday.

First correct entry gets 2 Passes to our All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.

Note: All answers will be verified by the judges. Cheaters will be thrown out (of the contest, not the store). Decision of the judges is final.

Winners’ names will be posted to our Facebook pages on Saturday, October 24 sometime shortly after 9:00 p.m.

GOOD LUCK and thanks for playing our Cheesy Games!