New Menu

We’re rolling out a new menu. Click here to take a look.

To cut to the chase, we’ve raised a few prices, kept some the same, and reduced a few here and there.

It’s always a little scary making any kind of a price increase–which is probably why we haven’t done it in more than three years. Yes, three years. It probably comes as no surprise to you that during that time we have experienced rising costs on our end on every front–overhead, labor, and food costs just to name a few. There was just no way to avoid it any longer, so we’re taking the plunge.

Where we’ve had to make a price increase, it’s small in the scheme of things, but added up over lots of orders, will help us remain profitable enough to stay in business, continue giving back to the community, and compensate our employees at a rate that respects their more-than-outstanding contributions to our business.

We hope that you’ll still love our food and are delighted with our service and won’t mind paying just a little more. And, we hope that you’ll use our coupons and take advantage of our daily specials to get the most pizza for your buck.

Thanks for supporting our little pizza store. See you tonight at The Dive.