Stork Club

It’s a rainy day, so I’m working on a few projects that have been languishing on my list for quite some time. One that we’ve been meaning to get off the ground is our Free Pizza for New Additions. For lack of a better name today, we’ll call it the Stork Club.

Here’s the idea. If you’re a Pizza Dive customer and are welcoming a baby into your family, through birth or adoption, we’d like to bring you dinner the first week you’re home.

The idea is not new. Churches have been doing it for years, and I loved it when it was my turn to take dinner to the homes with brand new babies. It’s meant as a blessing to welcome the new little one and give the parents a break from planning and fixing dinner.

And, here are a few details that I’m working out.

  •  You’ll need to register with us. Stop by the store up to 60 days before your due date and we’ll get some information. We’ll ask you things like when you’re due, your address, your e-mail and contact phone number. We’ll give you information on how to contact us after the baby is born to coordinate your free dinner.
  • And there are a few qualifications. You must live within our 5 mile delivery area. We’ll make just one delivery per baby. We understand that not everyone having a baby lives together and that the baby might be spending time in two homes, but we’ll make just one free dinner delivery per baby. And, the order must be delivered. This offer is typically not good on dine-ins or carry-outs.
  • Not every dinner will be the same. Some families prefer salads, some already have children and might need more pizza, some might prefer a Take-N-Make Pizza to make in the middle of the night when baby is up. We’ll talk with you about what you’d most appreciate and do our best to make our delivery dinner a blessing.
  • It really is free. We’ll deliver the dinner completely free (although a tip for your delivery driver is always appreciate).

We’re excited to get this program off the ground. Please know that it’s just meant to do good and bear with us as we make our way getting it started. If you have any suggestions on how to make it better, please drop me a line at