You Should Hire My Staff

You should hire my staff.

Not today. But sometime down the road when you have a chance to offer anyone on my staff a job that’s a step up in their career path, you should hire them.

Let me give you just a few reasons why. 

Anyone who has worked with us for any length of time, is probably going to be someone like this.

  • Truly be a team player AND a leader.
    We have a team management structure. For us, that means that we have rotating shift leaders and there’s always someone who’s ultimately in charge, but each team member is individually responsible for meeting the store’s goals. That means that every person on any given shift is responsible not only to us, but to the team. Sometimes they’re leading a task, sometimes they’re following a path laid out by someone else, but they’re always working to get the job done.
  • A good worker who understands their responsibility to both their employer and fellow employees.
    Our staff knows how to show up on time and ready to work. We have a zero no-show policy, and it’s rarely a problem. Every employee knows that they’re a key team member and are on the schedule because they are important and vital to a successful shift. We don’t have any non-essential employees.
  • Be productive and know what it means to be useful.
    We’re not the kind of place where you stand around, or stand around and chat, and wait for someone to tell you what to do. Everyone know what has to be done, and does it. If you’re not useful, you go home. If you’re not useful too often, you’re probably not going to make it here.
  • An experienced problem solver.
    Our employees solve problems both up front with customers and in the back of the house. Every employee is empowered to make-it-right with any customer. They know both the definition and the spirit of our Pizza Happiness Guarantee. They know how to treat customers respectfully and fairly and know that management and their other team members have their back. They also know how to solve problems behind the scenes. When you’ve got more orders than time, you have to find a way to make it work. You have to make a plan, give instructions and follow instructions, and get the job done. And they do.
  • Someone who can talk to all kinds of people at the drop of a hat.
    All of our employees represent us to our customers. They never know who they’ll be talking with next or what kind of a day that person has had, but they do know that it’s their job to smile, make conversation, and find a way to make the customer’s day better just because they chose to do business with us. It’s just plain being friendly and offering good hospitality. All of that greeting and talking and being nice makes you someone who can have a warm conversation with just about anyone.
  • Offer over-the-top customer service.
    For us, excellent customer service means more than just delivering great tasting food when we promised. We know that it means finding ways to make your experience memorable and better than you expected. Our employees know the value of a customer. We’re off the beaten path and know that customers go out of their way to find and shop our store. Our employees know that every single customer is important and irreplaceable and that it’s our goal to out-customer-service every business out there. We don’t want to just make your pizza, we want to make your day.
  • Be a genuinely nice person and a good sport.
    We like to work with nice people and we expect everyone to be a good sport. At the end of the day, we think our employees are our first priority. Happy employees make happy customers. It just seems like good sense. So, we hire and keep happy people. They’re easy to get along with. They’re flexible. And they’re good sports. Every one of them is someone we’re proud to know and someone we’re proud to call our own.
  • Someone working towards a goal.
    Each of our employees is working towards a brilliant future. They all have plans-after-pizza and we are so happy that they’ve chosen to work here while they work towards their goals. We expect great things from every single one of them.

If one day you’re looking over a resume and see Beavercreek Pizza Dive in the job experience, know that someone who’s worked with us for more than a few weeks is someone you should be taking a look at. They come highly recommended.