Curb Service. We Make Picking Up Your Order as Easy as Pie.

Our curb service makes picking up your order as easy as pie.

No need to get the kids in and out of car seats or leave the comfort of your car when it’s hot, cold, rainy, or snowy. With curb service, you call when you arrive and we bring your order to you.

  1. Do I have to call when I get to the parking lot?
    Yes. We can’t see when you arrive. Just call inside to 937-431-8669 to let us know that you’ve arrived and give us a quick description of your vehicle. If the order is ready, we’ll bring it right out. If it’s not, we’ll give you an estimate of how quickly we’ll be bringing it to you.
  2. Can I pay with cash?
    Yes, if your order is place by phone (all online orders are prepaid by credit card). If you’re paying with cash, we’ll come to your car to get payment and then bring the change out with your order. If you’ll tell us the amount you’ll be paying with when you arrive, we’ll bring the change with us and save a step.
  3. Can I pay with a credit card?
    Yes. We have mobile readers that we’ll bring to your car with your order for you to pay and tip by credit card.
  4. Is curb service free?
    Yes. Curb service is free. There is no additional charge or fee for curb service (although a tip for your runner is always appreciated).

Need delivery a little further than the parking lot? We also offer delivery service within five miles during lunch and dinner.

See you tonight at The Dive!