Gluten-Less Pizza at The Dive

Going gluten-less begins with a gluten-free crust that we source from a gluten-free baker. It’s made from lots of good things, primarily rice flour, and we think it’s tasty topped with our sauce and cheese and baked until golden brown.

It’s a nice alternative for those looking to limit gluten in their diet, but we don’t recommend our gluten-less pizza for those with Celiac disease, and here’s why.

The gluten culprit in most pizzas is the crust that’s made with wheat flour. The gluten-free crust that we source from our gluten-free baker is gluten-free when it enters our building. However, once inside, it’s a different story. Since we make the dough for our traditional pizzas in our kitchen using wheat flour, wheat flour is literally everywhere. So, once inside, we consider the gluten-free crust to be gluten-less. In the parking lot, gluten-free. In our store, gluten-less. Because we don’t have a dedicated gluten-free kitchen, and no matter how hard we try there would be inevitable cross-contamination, we don’t recommend our gluten-less pizza for those with Celiac disease. Many of our customers with gluten-sensitivities or simply looking to limit the gluten in their diet find our gluten-less pizza a nice way to have pizza without all the gluten found in a traditional crust.

If you have diagnosed Celiac disease or gluten-sensitivities, we recommend consulting your physician before eating our gluten-less pizza.

On another note, since our gluten-free crusts are sourced from a gluten-free baker and purchased at a premium price, our gluten-free pizzas are not included in promotions, specials, or typically discounted with coupons. As the demand for gluten-free products increases, we hope the price will decrease and we’ll be able to include our gluten-less pizzas with our promotions.

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