Our Under $10 Knife Sharpener

71cqQA8gDcL._SL1500_[1]A sharp knife is a safer knife.

We get asked from time to time how we keep our much-used knives sharp.

Our go-to knife sharpener is this AccuSharp 001. It’s reliable, easy to use, and under $10. We use it both at the restaurant on our workhorse knives and at home on our more expensive cutlery. We hear it sharpens more than just knives (you can use it to sharpen scissors, hoes, cleavers, axes and more).

To maintain the edge between sharpenings, we use a Honing Steel. We hone the knife each time we use it. The honing steel realigns and restores the sharp edge. When honing alone will no longer yield sharp results, we use the knife sharpener (the sharpener removes metal to create the edge, a honing steel realigns the edge without removing metal).

Click here to get the AccuSharp 001 on Amazon. And, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free 2-day shipping. How great is that?

Holiday Update: Woo hoo. We used our AccuSharp 001 to sharpen our scissors blades. I was skeptical, and actually afraid of just making the scissors worse at the exact moment when I needed them most and had zero time to run out for new scissors. The AccuSharp 001 worked on the scissors blades, too and how they’re sailing through the gift wrap. How great is that? Love this super-performing, super-cheap tool. I would give them as stocking stuffers, but we already did that last year. 🙂

Happy honing.