The Story of a Boy and His Pepperoni

Boy Meets Pepperoni

It’s an age old tale.  Boy meets pepperoni.  Boy falls in love with pepperoni.  Boy loses pepperoni. Boy wins pepperoni back and they live happily ever after.

The story begins with our hero, J.R. who falls in love at first bite with a spicy little number. What boy hasn’t been there?  He’s smitten with the crunchy edge, chewy center and salty lick-your-lips flavor. His affair is brief. He loses track of his first love and blindly tries to fill the void with less-than-tasty rebound pepperoni. But he never forgets.

He buys a pizza store in the hopes that they can be together. He builds a future knowing that one day his pepperoni will find its way back. He searches and searches. He tastes and tastes but nothing comes close to his first love.

And then it happens. One day, out of the blue, when he’s expecting only another disappointment. He tastes it. That crunchy, chewy, salty, meaty flavor he’s been craving. This time he doesn’t take his pepperoni for granted. This time he doesn’t let his pepperoni get away. This time he and his pepperoni will be together forever in the house that he built, just for his pepperoni.

And they lived happily ever after.

While told as a bit of a fable, the true tale isn’t that far off.

J.R.’s first mission when buying the pizza store was to find the perfect pepperoni. The one that all other pepperoni strive to become. After countless tasting and searching far and wide, J.R. procured the perfect pepperoni to sit atop our Pizza Dive pies. It’s a natural casing product with a hint of a bite that cups and curls when it’s baked. The perfect marriage of crispy and chewy.

And that was just what it took to find the perfect pepperoni. Wait until you hear about all the cheese we tasted. And the sausage. And every item on our menu.

We hope you enjoy our pizza. Every ingredient is result of a thoughtful, caring search to find only the best.

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