Ways We Know We Have the Best Customers

We know we have the best customers ever.

On top of opening the store right as the economy tumbled and living through months on end of road construction right outside our front door, we have a challenging, off-the-beaten path location and a very small advertising budget. On the upside, we think it makes us better hosts. When your location and non-chain-brand-name doesn’t give you automatic business, you don’t take any customer for granted. We know that every single customer has to seek us out and chooses to spend a meal with us.

What we’ve discovered is truly amazing. Our customers are genuinely nice, decent people who support our store and our cheesy promotions and let us know every day that we’re appreciated.

And, while there are oodles of sites and opportunities for customers to rate businesses, there aren’t many in the reverse.

So, in no particular order, and we’ll add to the list from time-to-time, here are a few of the ways we know we are blessed to have our customers in our lives.

1.  You take the time to let us know when you opt out of our email list. Seeing an unsubscribe notice is a little scary. You are kind enough to let us know that you’re unsubscribing not because you don’t like us, but because you’re moving, you get the emails on another account, or the like. You would think that an unsubscribe notice would be a downer, but seeing someone value us enough to take the time to let us know that we didn’t disappoint them actually makes for a nice day.

2. You bring us cupcakes.  And treats.  And the occasional holiday gift. Really.

3. You leave us great reviews. We know that many times our review is your first, so you went to the trouble to not only leave us a great review, but also to find and join a place to do it. You tell your friends and bring them along to introduce them to our place. We’ve all heard that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising. It’s also the hardest to get–and so appreciated.

4. You let us make it right. Occasionally we stumble. We get an order wrong and let it slip out of the kitchen to you. It shouldn’t happen, but from time to time it does. You’re never mean or unkind. You simply tell us about our mistakes and give us a chance to make it right. We hope that when you tell the story about how we dropped the ball, that we make it right in a way that lets you tell how we went over and above to make it right. We value your business, your time, and your trust in us. We hope that comes through not only with the good orders, but also when we make a mistake.

5. You let us know when you’ll be missing your regular date with us. We joke with some of you, particularly our Monday night crowd, that if you’re not coming in you’ll need to let us know, because if you’re not there, we may need to call the authorities to check on you.

6. You’re good sports. You always participate in our promotions and giveaways, no matter how cheesy. You let us know that you appreciate some good clean fun. Your good humor is refreshing and contagious.

7. You are overly grateful for free breadbites. Really, if you want to see a hungry family smile, just put some free breadbites on their table.

8. You laugh and talk and fill the place with happy sounds. We love it when you choose to dine-in with us. We don’t have a television, but we do have cards and games on the tables. You always play them.

9. You’re generous with your tips. 🙂

10. You like us. You like us on facebook. You leave us notes and share our posts. You enter our contests and generally play along. We don’t totally understand facebook’s method for showing posts in newsfeeds, but not everyone who likes a page sees the posts in their newsfeed. Your interaction with us on facebook lets our posts and page get shared on a higher percentage of newsfeeds, so we appreciate every like and comment.

11. You make us glad to come to work. We like each other, we like you, and we like the little pizza store you’ve help us create.

Want to tell us about your Pizza Dive experience? Send it here. We’d love to hear from you.