We Deliver

Yes, we deliver in all kinds of weather (and we’ve got Curb Service, too). Like many other restaurants and businesses, we continue to deliver even in extremely cold and hot conditions when it is reasonably safe for our drivers to do so.

Here are a few tips to being kind to your delivery person.

  1. When you place your order, give us a clue or two to help us find you.  Knowing things like your house is on the corner, down a private drive, that the house number is not on the house–but on the mailbox, or something about your house that makes it stand out, are very helpful to drivers who are trying to locate you.
  2. Leave your lights on.  Make it easy for your delivery person to find you by leaving your porch lights on.
  3. Have a clear, snow-and-ice-free path to your door.
  4. Please don’t ask us to deliver to a door around the back or inside a garage. Our delivery drivers can only deliver to the front door.
  5. Keep your dogs in the house and under control.  Your dogs are probably delightful, but to us they can be scary and unpredictable and on occasion have been known to bite a friendly delivery driver.
  6. Answer your phone.  If we can’t find you, we’ll call.  Please keep your phone with you and pick up if your delivery person has to call for a clarification on the directions.
  7. Help make it quick and don’t invite us inside.  Sorry, our delivery drivers are instructed to never enter a residence, under any circumstances.  You can help, however, by having an adult ready to pay or sign for your order when we arrive.
  8. If you are paying with cash, please know that our drivers never carry more than $20 to make change.  Please pay in the lowest denominations which will require change of $20 or less. Sorry, we do not take checks. If you are paying by credit card, you can add a tip when you sign your credit card slip.
  9. Tipping is always appreciated.  The delivery charge is not a tip.  The delivery charge covers a portion of the store’s expense to deliver your order, including your delivery driver’s hourly wage.  If you don’t tip, the driver does not receive any compensation for the gas and use of their vehicle to deliver your order. It is our policy to deliver only twice to a location which does not tip the driver. That’s two chances. After that, we cannot ask our delivery drivers to deliver to your non-tipping location without charging a 10% gratuity, which will be passed on the the driver. It just seems unfair.
  10. Our delivery order minimum is $20, before the delivery charge. We deliver in a 5-mile radius.

And a smile and a thank you are always appreciated. Lastly, you can share this with your friends and family.  All the pizza delivery people out there will thank you.